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Joint SPARC DynVar - SNAP Meeting (Oct. 2023)

A joint SPARC DynVar - SNAP Meeting on "The Role of Atmospheric Dynamics for Climate and Extremes" will take place from 9-13 October 2023 at the LMU in Munich, Germany. It is organized by Thomas Birner and Hella Garny and co-funded by W2W.

The scientific program will include:

  • Links of atmospheric circulation to weather and climate on subseasonal to centennial timescales
  • The role of stratosphere-troposphere coupling in predictability of tropospheric climate and surface weather extremes
  • The influence of climate model biases on uncertainty in predictions and projections
  • Emerging dynamical constraints to understand and reduce projection uncertainties
  • Mechanistic understanding of dynamic coupling, teleconnections, and trends

Visit this website for more information.